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Aurea Terrae

Golden Earth

We are energetic, creative beings

Digital-Analog Elektro-Smog Harmonizer

bis 5 GHz Similibus-Bio-Chip für Smartphones

Dieser Similibus-Bio-Chip harmonisiert Smartphones, Schnurlostelefone, Tablets und sonstige Kleingeräte aller Art und kann mit seinen kleinen Abmessungen 86 x 54 mm einfach zwischen Handy-Schutzhülle und dem Smartphone eingeschoben werden. Für sehr kleine Handy, z.B. Klapphandy gibt es ein Mini-Harmonizer. Der Smartphones-Harmonizer ist genau so wie alle anderen Modelle auch geeignet Wasser hexagonal zu befelden.




Leistung/Energiedichte: +-40000 Bovis


Harmonisiert die im toxischen Bereich liegende Bovis-Energiedichte von ca. 300 BV bei Handys, Smartphones und kleinen Geräten auf die für Menschen normale ca. 12000 BV-Einheiten.

Aurum metallicum Similibus-Bio-Chip digital-analog

Aurum metallicum, gold

The homeopathic medicine Aurum metallicum acts on the mind and spirit, heart, blood circulation, glands, bones and sexual organs. Its use is especially indicated in nervous female disorders and sexually transmitted diseases, as well as the unpleasant consequences of mercury poisoning.

Homeopathic single remedy in the form of a Similibus bio-chip which combines the substance spectrum in digital and analog information on a neutral carrier material. The digital information is stored as magnetic information. The analog information is comparable to conventional globules, instead of on the carrier basis of cane sugar or sucrose or xylitol, on high-purity tiny quartz globules applied to transfer the information in a few seconds via the Similibus chip on a glass of water (befelden) and drink this sip by sip throughout the day or in a spray bottle everywhere easy to use even on the road. Whether conventional globules, drops or Similibus-Chip, over water it works more intensively, faster and distributes itself better on the mucous membranes and thus arrives faster in the cells.

Quartz is the best long-term information carrier. Water is the best short-term information carrier! For over 20 years, Similibus-Bio-Chip, continuously developed for you!

Electro-Smog Harmonizer up to 5 GHz
Miniature Similibus Bio Chip for Mobile Phones

E-smog up to 5GHz miniature similibus-bio-chip suitable for small flip phones, smartwatches and smallest devices with large power, almost as strong as our large model for smartphones. For example, the electro-smog 1-5 GHz miniature harmony bio-chip is placed on the battery when the cell phone is open and closed again. Also stick on (double-sided adhesive tape) from the outside fulfills the purpose. Dimension only 40 x 25 mm. The mini power pack is also suitable for hexagonal water exposure, just like all Harmonizers.


Power/energy density: +- 40000 Bovis

Harmonizes the Bovis energy density, which is in the toxic range, from approx. 300 BV in cell phones and smartphones to approx. 12000 BV units, which is normal for humans.

Harmonizer-Bio-Chip, 25 Billion Bovis Coaster for Apartment, House, Workplace, Water Treatment

2022, Die Welt steht am Abgrund, ausgebeutet von der Spezies Mensch und er herrscht Krieg. Ein unsichtbarer Krieg zwischen Mensch und Natur den kaum ein Mensch wirklich wahr nimmt. Nach all den Jahrhunderten in denen der Mensch die Erde schamlos ausgebeutet hat macht sich die Erde zum Endkampf gegen die Menschheit bereit. Sie warnte die Menschen mit ihren Vulkanausbrüchen, mit ihren Überschwemmungen, mit ihren Stürmen und mit ihren Naturkatastrophen aber die Menschen erkannten ihre Warnungen nicht. Auch zwischen den Menschen selber herrschte Krieg, nicht nur die Kriege die mit Waffen geführt werden, sondern auch ein Krieg zwischen den Menschen. Es ist ein Kampf zwischen den Eliten und der Menschheit, ein Kampf zwischen Arm und Reich und ein Kampf der Andersdenkenden der selbst im engsten Freundes und Familienkreis stattfindet. Die Menschheit ist an einem Punkt angelangt an dem sie sich selber verändern muss um zu überleben, das ist ihre letzte Chance. Die Welt braucht Menschen die sich selber verändern damit die Welt sich mit ihnen verändern kann.

Harmonizer-Bio-Chip, coaster in green resin two-layer cast round with 21.5 cm diameter, thickness ca.17 mm,

weight 800 grams with >25 Billion Bovis life energy, digital analogue

Harmonize your whole house, water jug, drinking glass, wine bottle, liquids of all kinds from the electrical troublemakers and transfer a hexagonal structure into the water, tea, coffee wine, fruits, vegetables and other liquids with our Similibus-Bio-Chip for electro smog and microwaves e.g. of the mobile phone networks up to 5 GHz.

Also, your fruit bowl, vegetables and any food benefit from these harmonizing frequencies which are permanently emitted in digital and analog form by our proven Similibus-Bio-Chip technology. A valuable protection offers the Similibus-Bio-Chip in the environment of the existing E-Smog disturbance frequencies, which are soon to be found everywhere and protects your valuable drinking water, makes this hexagonal and also food can be harmonized arbitrarily with it. The near environment also benefits from its harmonizing radiation. Depending on the construction of the apartment or home, the whole environment from 50 to 100 meters in the vicinity of this power similibus bio-chip is harmonized. Also, available in cheaper versions in wood or even cheaper in laminate for smaller rooms or simply as a coaster for water jugs, fruit bowls etc.


Here in our strongest version in green resin are analog and digital information with the power of life energy / energy density > 25 billion Bovis units and can be used for the protection of the whole family as a harmonizer for the whole surrounding space, workplace, etc..

Lucky Charm / Love Tuner Similibus-Bio-Chip

A very special Similibus-Bio-Chip!

It consists of 6 different information frequencies.

5 homeopathic remedies as well as the unconditional love frequency according to Tesla 528 Hz are stored on it in the potency LM 12.

A mixture of Ignatia, Cimicifuga, Sepia, Lycopodium and Hypericum.

A nice little gift to pass on or for one's own happiness. With it you can be happy drinking by befelden in water or just wear the chip near your body. Use the chip for all kinds of moods, sadness, mental upheaval, lovesickness, depression, anger, annoyance, etc.

Also, 3 - 5 GHz will be harmonized!

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Get now for your cell phone the

E-smog 1 - 5 GHz harmonizer


analog-digital version
Unique on the market!

Neutralizes harmful effects of e-smog



Energetic Information Medicine,
the future of the 21st century

Similibus-Bio-Chip instead of globules

No repurchase!


Commonly available cell water
Structure your water hexagonal

Aurea aetas

The Golden Age

The first to emerge was the Golden Age, which cultivated loyalty and justice without a punitive judge, voluntarily, without law.

Punishment and fear were far away, neither threatening words on a struck ore tablet joined to a text, nor did the pleading crowd fear the face of their judge, but one was safe without a judge.

Not yet had the felled spruce descended from its appointed mountains into the liquid waves to behold a foreign globe, and mortals knew no shores but their own.

Not yet did slope ditches girdle the cities, not was there a tuba of straight, not horns of curved ore, not helmets, not swords: without the use of the soldier the peoples carelessly passed their comfortable rest.

Also, the earth of itself without obligation and untouched by the hoe and by no plowshares hurt voluntarily gave everything; and satisfied with the food created without compulsion, one gathered the fruits of the strawberry tree, the mountain strawberries, the Cornelia cherries and the blackberries hanging on rough brambles and the acorns that had fallen from the broad-branched tree of Jupiter.

It was eternal spring, and gentle westerly winds delicately touched with balmy breezes the flowers that had sprouted without seeds.

Soon even the unplowed earth bore crops, and the uncultivated field shone with full ears. Soon rivers of mild, soon rivers of nectar flowed, and golden honey dripped down from the green holm oak.

Our areas of activity

  • Energetic information medicine of all kinds


  • Energizing and healing products


  • Further development of products for electro-smog harmonization for humans, animals, plants, vehicles, household, workplaces etc.


  • Promotion of projects for health houses and recreation rooms with energetic therapy accompaniment of all kinds


  • Promotion of the best health with energy and self-healing powers until old age. Happy, healthy, positive and in the highest consciousness for the whole life.

Our objectives

  • Promotion of ecological communities of purpose and life


  • Promotion of permaculture and organic self-sufficiency on one's own land


  • Promotion of environmentally friendly and free energy


  • Promotion of free learning sites and Schetetin schools


  • Promotion of water retention landscapes for an intact ecosystem


  • Planning and construction of ecological family country estates


  • Construction and planning of eco-villages & eco-parcs


  • Support and promotion of families and children and youth


  • Converting ornamental gardens into ecologically valuable kitchen gardens


  • Protecting land and nature from misuse and abuse in the long term


  • To provide land for biological use free of charge to our fellow human beings who do not have the necessary financial means to do so


  • To combine natural living with sustainable and ecologically valuable business concepts.

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